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Reputation.com take your free reputation snapshot Hello Readers, Protecting your online reputation is extremely important in todays’ internet world not only for business owners but for you as well, but do you know what your online reputation looks...

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Worldnewsnow.co the latest top stories weather sports... Hello Readers, Today we found a really great new site called WorldNewsNow.co where you can get the latest top news stories, weather, sports, business, entertainment, politics, and more all in one amazing...

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Topmultivitamins.com top multi vitamins top affiliate... Hello Readers, Today we found a great new site to buy our online vitamins and wellness products and we wanted to share it with you! The site is called TopMultiVitamins.com and has an awesome array of wellness...

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cheap ads yes or no? Advertising had long since been a major determinant of a business’ success. This would include the presentation of the product / service to the consumers. What really matters is how it is presented...

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Buybluelotus.com the freshest blue lotus available

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The Blue Lotus, more commonly known as the Egyptian Lotus, is a rare sky-blue flower that was cultivated by the Egyptians as early as 1400 B.C. Commonly found in waters off the shores of lakes and rivers, it is often identified by an odd daily ritual. Each morning its sky-blue aromatic flowers rise above the surface of the water to bloom. After sunset, it folds its’ petals and again sinks below the surface. Despite its use in traditional medicine for more than one thousand years, it was not until an event in 1922 that its popularity gained new ground in western culture. It was in Egypt, during this year, that the tomb of Tutankhamen (1336 – 1327 B.C.) was opened. Scattered over Tutankhamen’s body in deliberate patterns were petals from the Egyptian Lotus. This discovery served as the impetus for new studies and research. The resulting evaluations of the flower in ancient Egyptian art and history shed new light on the role of the flower in ancient Egyptian society. Many arrived at the conclusion that it was used as more than a divine symbol and cultural icon. It is now a widely held belief that the Egyptians used the flower as an additive for food, wine, and other drinks. In recent years, and in a relatively short period, it has gained a strong following among the natural health crowd in the United States and Europe.

Since 2001, in the United States alone, annual consumer demand for the flower has more than tripled and now you can get it right here:


Acaiberrypurebulk.com pure bulk acai berry

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Welcome! Our 100% Pure Freeze Dried Organic ACAI BERRY, 100% Pure Seedless BLACK RASPBERRY and 100% Pure Seedless Organic RED RASPBERRY powders are a great value when you consider it takes up to 14 pounds of fresh berries to make 1 pound of these concentrated powders.
We carry only all natural products with no harmful additives, carriers or fillers. Our bulk berry powders have up to 224 teaspoons per pound and 1,400 to 2,200 ORAC value per teaspoon. This is highly concentrated nutrition without added calories. That’s what makes these healthy super foods a truly great weight control diet supplement.
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Ebay Marketing The First 10 Years of Ebay

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Yes, you read that correctly: ten years. eBay was created in September 1995, by a man called Pierre Omidyar, who was living in San Jose. He wanted his site – then called ‘AuctionWeb’ – to be an online marketplace, and wrote the first code for it in one weekend. It was one of the first websites of its kind in the world. The name ‘eBay’ comes from the domain Omidyar used for his site. His company’s name was Echo Bay, and the ‘eBay AuctionWeb’ was originally just one part of Echo Bay’s website at ebay.com. The first thing ever sold on the site was Omidyar’s broken laser pointer, which he got $14 for.

The site quickly became massively popular, as sellers came to list all sorts of odd things and buyers actually bought them. Relying on trust seemed to work remarkably well, and meant that the site could almost be left alone to run itself. The site had been designed from the start to collect a small fee on each sale, and it was this money that Omidyar used to pay for AuctionWeb’s expansion. The fees quickly added up to more than his current salary, and so he decided to quit his job and work on the site full-time. It was at this point, in 1996, that he added the feedback facilities, to let buyers and sellers rate each other and make buying and selling safer.

In 1997, Omidyar changed AuctionWeb’s – and his company’s – name to ‘eBay’, which is what people had been calling the site for a long time. He began to spend a lot of money on advertising, and had the eBay logo designed. It was in this year that the one-millionth item was sold (it was a toy version of Big Bird from Sesame Street).

Then, in 1998 – the peak of the dotcom boom – eBay became big business, and the investment in Internet businesses at the time allowed it to bring in senior managers and business strategists, who took in public on the stock market. It started to encourage people to sell more than just collectibles, and quickly became a massive site where you could sell anything, large or small. Unlike other sites, though, eBay survived the end of the boom, and is still going strong today.

1999 saw eBay go worldwide, launching sites in the UK, Australia and Germany. eBay bought half.com, an Amazon-like online retailer, in the year 2000 – the same year it introduced Buy it Now – and bought PayPal, an online payment service, in 2002.

Pierre Omidyar has now earned an estimated $3 billion from eBay, and still serves as Chairman of the Board. Oddly enough, he keeps a personal weblog at http://pierre.typepad.com. There are now literally millions of items bought and sold every day on eBay, all over the world. For every $100 spent online worldwide, it is estimated that $14 is spent on eBay – that’s a lot of laser pointers.

Now that you know the history of eBay, perhaps you’d like to know how it could work for you? Our next email will give you an idea of the possibilities.

E-book Viral Marketing Salesman

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E-books are the future and the future is now. The printed word on paper and bound into books used to be the only way information was given and received. They were great, you could take them with you and put them on shelves and they do still exist and will continue to for the foreseeable future but the time of the E-book has arrived.

The marketing E-book is a slightly different animal from just an E-book. Marketing E-books contain text, images, links to web pages and navigation controls. The marketing E-book has become a very important part of marketing on the Internet.

With a marketing E-book you can present your story in an effective way and include links to your web sales pages. Your E-book can become your best salesman.

First, your E-book needs to be interesting and informative. It always has links back to your web site and to your sales page.

Next, be sure that you have a prominent section telling readers that they are free to give your E-book away. Let them know that they can post it on their site as a free download, that they can use it as a bonus, and that they can bundle it with other products. This is the way to create viral marketing for your products or services. Remember those links back to your site contained in the E-book?

Last but certainly not least before you send your E-book out to the world, double check spelling and grammar and be sure that you have tested every link to verify that it goes where it is supposed to go. Obvious errors will reflect badly on you and will not be of much value to you, it could even by damaging.

Post your E-book to some of the E-book directories. Many let you post it for free, or will let you post a link on their site to your E-book.

We Provide More Quality Internet Traffic..Economically

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What Is Targeted Traffic and How Does It Work?

Does It Work?

Targeted traffic is pre-qualified traffic that is sent directly to your website through one or more mediums. There are a number of companies out there that provide targeted traffic services but the real value is in the quality of the traffic that they provide. Poorly optimized traffic or traffic that has been harvested through open space platforms isn’t going to produce sales, just visits.

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At Traffic Guru we believe in providing our clients with the most qualified and responsive traffic available. We accomplish this by utilizing pop-under technologies to display your website or landing page whenever a visitor exits from one of our industry specific websites. This process ensures that every visitor is qualified and given a fair opportunity to explore  your website or landing page.  By delivering qualified website traffic to your website or landing page, we can assure you  that your website traffic will be of the highest quality and provide for the highest conversion rate possible. We live up to our reputation and work diligently towards your success.

Erarecoin.com rare coin videos and information

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Hello Readers,
There are alot of coin collectors out there including myself and when we come across a great site we like to share it with our readers. Today we found a site called Erarecoin.com and its a great site! There is plenty of rare coin collecting information on the site, videos, live rarecoin auctions, and more. If your like us and you like great sites this one is a definite must see. Go now and take a look around, browse, shop, learn.. what ever this site is definitely worth your time if your serious about rare coins and learning about them:


Increase Your Adsense Cash with other peoples information

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Adsense is really making a huge impact on the affiliate marketing industry nowadays. Because of this, weak affiliate merchants have the tendency to die faster than ever and ad networks will be going to lose their customers quickly.
If you are in a losing rather than winning in the affiliate program you are currently into, maybe it is about time to consider going into the Adsense marketing and start earning some real cash.

Google is readily providing well written and highly relevant ads that are closely chosen to match the content on your pages. You do not have to look for them yourselves as the search engine will be the doing the searching for you from other people’s source.

You do not have to spend time in choosing different kind of ads for different pages. And no codes to mess around for different affiliate programs.

You will be able to concentrate on providing good and quality content, as the search engines will be the ones finding the best ads in which to put your pages on.

You are still allowed to add Adsense ads even if you already have affiliate links on your site. It is prohibited, however, to imitate the look and feel of the Google ads for your affiliate links.

You can filter up to 200 URLs. That gives you a chance to block ads for the sites that do not meet your guidelines. You can also block competitors. Though it is unavoidable that Adsense may be competing for some space on web sites that all other revenues are sharing.

Owners of small sites are allowed to plug a bit of a code into their sites and instantly have relevant text ads that appeal to your visitors appear instantly into your pages. If you own many sites, you only need to apply once. It makes up for having to apply to many affiliate programs.

The only way to know how much you are already earning is to try and see. If you want out, all you have to do is remove the code from your sites full page view.

The payment rates can vary extremely. The payment you will be receiving per click depends on how much advertisers are paying per click to advertise with the use of the AdWords. Advertisers can pay as little as 5 cents and as high as $10-12, sometimes even more than that too. You are earning a share of that money generated.

If your results remain stagnant, it can help if you try and build simple and uncluttered pages so that the ads can catch the visitor’s eyes more. It sometimes pay to differ from the usual things that people are doing already. It is also a refreshing sight for your visitor once they see something different for a change.

Publishers also have the option of choosing to have their ads displayed only on a certain site or sites. It is also allowed to have them displayed on a large network of sites. The choice would be depending on what you think will work best for your advantage.

To get an idea if some Adsense ads you see on the search engines has your pages, try to find web pages that have similar material to the content you are planning to create and look up their Adsense ads.

It is important to note that you cannot choose certain topics only. If you do this, search engines will not place Adsense ads on your site and you will be missing out a great opportunity in making hundreds and even thousands of dollars cash.

It is still wise to look at other people’s information and format your Adsense there. Just think about it as doing yourself a favor by not having to work too hard to know what content to have.

Topic to be avoided includes gambling, firearms, ammunition, tobacco or drugs. If you are being offered more cash in exchange of doing Adsense with these kinds, it is just like signing your own termination paper.

With all the information that people need in your hands already, all you have to do is turn them as your profits. It all boils down to a gain and gain situation both for the content site owners and the webmasters or publishers.

Make other people’s matter your own and starting earning some extra cash.

save money

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Instant Blog Ads Launches!

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